Phone: 0800 977 4214

Phone: 0800 977 4214

5.34% Liquid 1 Year Bond

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At Traditional Property Group, we can offer a range of bond options including our first bond option of 5.34% interest. This liquid 1-year bond gives you a fixed rate of 5.34% interest per annum and requires a minimum investment of just £2,500.

Your interest will be calculated as soon as your funds have cleared and the agreement and anti-money laundering document have been signed. Any funds generated from your investment need to pay paid back to the account they were transferred from.

Investment funds are secured fully against properties owned and operated by Traditional Property Group, producing substantial cash flow to provide interest for investors. The funds you invest cover properties which are rented out to working professionals. Your funds are never invested into new property developments or new builds. This ensures your capital is protected and funds are invested directly into properties which generate monthly cash flow.

The First Bond Option is ideal for:

  • First-time investors
  • Novice investors
  • Those seeking superior returns than those offered on the High Street
  • Armchair investors
  • Investors seeking second incomes
  • Fixed guarantee returns

This option is also suitable if you’re seeking an insight into how we operate and wish to build a string mutually-beneficial relationship with us prior to making further investment.

Why we created this option

This entry level option was designed with cautious investors in mind as well as those unable or unwilling to take bigger risks with their existing capital. At Traditional Property Group, we know that successful investments are built on creating trust and assurance. We are confident that you will decide to invest further with us once you have become one of our investors and gained a deeper insight into our investment options and seen them work for you. We encourage you to visit our offices and arrange a project tour prior to or after you have invested with us so your account manager can answer any queries you may have and provide you with more information about our existing property portfolio.

Speak to a real person

Phone: 0800 977 4214

Investment can be a complex and stressful decision so please feel free to contact one of our friendly team today for immediate advice and assistance.