Investing In Property

At Traditional Property Group, we use many proven investment methods and offer a variety of investment options to suit all requirements. We comply fully with Financial Conduct Authority investment guidelines for High Net Worth and Self-Certified and Sophisticated Investors. At Traditional Property Group, we focus on properties capable of producing consistent monthly cashflow for our investors and ourselves, aiming to derive the maximum value possible from property assets.

We are passionate about avoiding wasting space and money and able to use our vast experience to transform assets into highly-lucrative money boxes. Our approach has been influenced in part by learning from two of the market’s most notable property experts, Progressive Property’s Mark Homer and Rob Moore.

The guidelines laid out in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 mean we need to take great care over the way we promote our financial investments, and we comply fully with these. However, the FCA do not govern or regulate the property industry. Our activities are overseen by the Property Ombudsman, who are our industry governor. We are required by law to comply with the Information Commissioner Office’s data protection scheme and adhere with HMRC’s anti-money laundering regulations. We also have public liability insurance, and are required to have it by law.

Although the FCA do not govern the property sector, we do need to perform a KYC or Know Your Client Process to ensure prospective investors are either Self-Certified and Sophisticated Investors or deemed to be High Net Worth investors. This enables us to comply with the Financial Services and Marketing Act 2000.



There are many great reasons for investing in rent to rents and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’S). The scarcity of quality housing and vast demand from renters mean that investing in properties of this nature can result in sizeable returns. Although rising house prices are one reason why the demand for rental properties is so high, many young professionals are unwilling to commit to purchasing homes or entering into long-term roles, preferring to use their money for travelling and other pursuits, therefore putting off purchasing their own homes and tying themselves into employment contracts until a later date.

At Traditional Property Group, we focus on producing solid, long-term monthly cashflow. This ensures we are always liquid even when investors pull out and market conditions change. We can source some of the most lucrative Below Market Value deals on the market and can purchase property from struggling developers as well as distressed sellers. Houses of Multiple Occupancy are highly-beneficial for working professionals wishing to avoid long-term contracts and incredibly lucrative for investors.

Our investment philosophy is centred upon cashflow. Substantial value can be derived from conventional houses by transforming them into quality HMOs and serviced accommodation. The lack of available quality housing and the ongoing housing shortage makes transforming residential properties into HMOs extremely worthwhile. HMOs enable working professionals to source high-quality clean housing even when they are not ready or able to tie their capital up in a property of their own.

HMOs can offer

  • Far better rental yields than standard buy to let
  • Premium rental rates due to the quality of the accommodation
  • Higher levels of occupancy rates, typically 95% through the year

HMOs are attractive to all investors due to the percentage yield on offer. Whilst a typical four-bedroom buy-to-let could deliver £1,000 a month, an HMO can generate £2,000 as it is let by the room.

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced accommodation has also become increasingly popular amongst tenants and investors over the years. Often seen as a valuable alternative to costly hotel stays, where privacy can be lacking, serviced accommodation can offer a home from home. Travel accommodation expectations have changed remarkably during recent times, and there are now more options than ever to suit different budgets, lifestyles and tastes. At Traditional Property Group, we can come to your assistance if you’re considering investing in serviced accommodation or an HMO, so talk to us today to find out more.


At Traditional Property Group, we can offer a range of bond options including our first bond option of 5.34% interest. This liquid 1-year bond gives you a fixed rate of 5.34% interest per annum and requires a minimum investment of just £2,500.

Your interest will be calculated as soon as your funds have cleared and the agreement and anti-money laundering document have been signed. Any funds generated from your investment need to pay paid back to the account they were transferred from.

Investment funds are secured fully against properties owned and operated by Traditional Property Group, producing substantial cash flow to provide interest for investors. The funds you invest cover properties which are rented out to working professionals. Your funds are never invested into new property developments or new builds. This ensures your capital is protected and funds are invested directly into properties which generate monthly cash flow.

The First Bond Option is ideal for:

  • First-time investors
  • Novice investors
  • Those seeking superior returns than those offered on the High Street
  • Armchair investors
  • Investors seeking second incomes
  • Fixed guarantee returns

This option is also suitable if you’re seeking an insight into how we operate and wish to build a string mutually-beneficial relationship with us prior to making further investment.

Why we created this option

This entry level option was designed with cautious investors in mind as well as those unable or unwilling to take bigger risks with their existing capital. At Traditional Property Group, we know that successful investments are built on creating trust and assurance. We are confident that you will decide to invest further with us once you have become one of our investors and gained a deeper insight into our investment options and seen them work for you.

We encourage you to visit our offices and arrange a project tour prior to or after you have invested with us so your account manager can answer any queries you may have and provide you with more information about our existing property portfolio.

With the fixed 2-year bond, you can gain 8.01% interest per annum. There’s a minimum investment of just £10,000, and we can calculate interest immediately once funds have cleared and the agreement and anti-money laundering documentation have been signed. Any funds that have arisen from your investment will need to be paid back into the account they originated from, and all investment funds are secured fully against existing properties that Traditional Property Group own and operate. Our investments can produce a significant cash flow to pay your interest.

All funds that you invest are placed into properties which are rented to out to reliable working professionals. They are never invested into property developments or new builds. This ensures you can enjoy complete capital protection, with your funds being invested directly into high-quality rental properties that produce monthly cash flow.

The 2-year bond is ideal for:

  • Novices and experienced investors
  • Investors seeking out better returns than those offered by High Street banks
  • Armchair investors
  • Those wishing to see how we operate before investing further
  • Investors looking for fixed guarantee returns

Why we created the 2-year bond

The 2-year bond was created to cater for a wide range of investors, including experienced and inexperienced investors. You are welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about our 2-year bond, so don’t hesitate to contact Traditional Property Group today to find out more about how this option could work for you.

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At Traditional Property Group, we work with a number of High Net Worth & Self Certified Sophisticated Investors in line with FCA guidelines. These investors seek to enter into joint ventures with us by providing the capital needed for land suitable for developments or to fund the purchase of residential properties that can be transformed into HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) and become commercial assets. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you’re interested in learning more about our Investment Joint Ventures.

Hands-off JVs

Our vast property experience, alongside that of our partners gives investors the chance to generate profit via a ‘hands-off’ approach. Joint venturing with us whilst adopting a ‘hands-off’ approach is an ideal solution for cash-rich, time-poor investors seeking a substantial return on investment.

How it works

The solution is simple yet effective. We can use your investment to purchase property and renovate it before letting and managing it. We can then assist with refinancing solutions that will enable us to remove all your money and share the profit. This essentially results in the acquisition of a free house. The property will be owned by you & Traditional property Group once this process has been complete and we are all in for free. We will be able to obtain annual revenue from it. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

Hands-on JVs

If you’d prefer to play a bigger role in proceedings, this option could be for you. ‘Hands-on JVs’ enable you to learn a great deal and gain a vast amount of property investment experience. Once we have obtained your capital, we will use it to purchase property and keep you involved at every stage, including managing the property and helping you to select tenants. The learning curve doesn’t stop there. Once these steps are completed, you will continue to gain access to and benefit from our vast experience and knowledge. We aim to help you acquire property for free and help you create ongoing revenue via rental income. As a ‘hands-on JV’ partner, you will find out how to manage a project from beginning to end, so you can repeat the process over and over, continuing to generate more income and expand your portfolio.

Talk to us today to find out more about our hands-on and hands-off investment joint ventures.


At Traditional Property Group, we work with leading investors with a plethora of different investment objectives. Whilst some of our investors are novices who have never invested in any assets other than their own properties and a few ISAs or premium bonds here and there, we also collaborate with seasoned fund managers with vast experience in doubling their capital in relatively short timeframes.

Hands-on experienced investors regularly receiving above 20% interest a year often opt for our Packaged Investment Deals.

These deals consist of the following procedures:

Firstly, we source suitable property currently being rented out to tenants. We then agree to rent it from homeowners for between three to five years.

Rent is guaranteed every month and an amount is set is stone. This ensures homeowners gain the satisfaction they require. We then generate profits by letting rooms to working professionals. In most cases, each property is sub-let room-by-room. Renting room-by-room tends to be far more lucrative than renting out entire properties to families and other groups.

It can take up to £15,000 to secure each property we obtain. This figure covers

  • A deposit paid to the homeowner
  • Refurbishment and modernisation
  • Furnishing expenses
  • A one-month void period during which tenants are sourced, referenced and housed

The cost involved means the package is provided to investors for a full three-year period and include full management, making it a genuine armchair investment. Though there is no set percentage return and no two deals are identical, we help investors gain 23% per year on average. Although we would clearly prefer to keep these opportunities for ourselves, they play a pivotal role in helping us win the trust and investment of High Net Worth investors with vast amounts of financial experience. Contact us today to learn more about our Packaged Investment Deals.

There are scores of good reasons to put your capital into property. With house prices at an all-time high and demand for homes increasing by the day, it makes perfect sense to invest in assets which appreciate year on year providing capital growth as well as consistent income.

A safe investment

Many people choose to invest in property as it is seen as one of the safest investments that you can make. Some people enjoy the whole process of buying up properties that require tender, loving care in order to update them and make a sizeable profit once sold. Whether you wish to be a hands-on or hands-off property investor, there are many opportunities on the market that will deliver an extremely healthy return on your investment.

Passing assets on

Growing numbers of older people are investing in properties so they can leave valuable assets behind for their children, who may face difficulty getting onto the property market themselves due to rising prices. Income from rents can be much better dividends than other investments such as stocks, savings accounts and more. It has become more and more difficult to get a sizeable return on investments offered by high street lenders, which helps to explain why so many people are putting their money into bricks and mortar instead.

A lucrative alternative

Some property investors have experienced much bigger gains than those who have played the stock market over the years. Capital losses can have a dramatic impact on well-being, and when you do try to generate money through the stock market, you can find yourself faced the kind of losses you’re never truly likely to encounter when it comes to property.

High demand, low supply

You don’t need any special qualifications to make the most of the property market, and many people have achieved their objectives through enthusiasm, drive, building up their knowledge of the market and simply taking advantage of the best opportunities available to them. Investing in property can provide the financial stability you require at a time of vast population growth and record-breaking low housing supply. Although new properties are being built all the time, demand for housing is vastly outstripping supply, and the number of single-person households is also continuing to grow, which means the level of demand is unlikely to fall any time soon.

Working with us

At Traditional Property Group, we have years of experience when it comes to helping investors achieve real financial growth through property. We are waiting to assist you if you’re interested in making the most of property investment, so why not call today to find out more?


  1. Why shouldn’t I invest in property on my own?

Nothing is preventing you from investing in property alone, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll quickly find that the process is lengthy, complicated and somewhat confusing when you don’t have the support of experts behind you. At Traditional Property Group, our team consists of a host of risk analysts, tax advisors, solicitors, accountants, labourers, mentors and property developers, and each one of these has a vital role to play.

The vast range of property and finance experts that make up our team cover all areas of property development, leaving you with very little work to do yourself. Without a high level of industry knowledge and an enviable contact book, you could find it very hard to identify the expert help you need. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that all projects will be undertaken safely to the highest standards, on time and within your budget.

  1. Why do I have to give you my money?

We don’t need your money. We already have a fantastic portfolio, and our success with property is close to making us financially free. However, we have a passion for making excellent investments and building on what we have already achieved. We love using our expertise, experience and time to assist investors with finding and selecting properties that will deliver the returns they require. In return, our investors help us fund new, increasingly-exciting strategies and allow us to get them off the ground. We are here to help you and ourselves achieve full financial freedom.

  1. What will be the consequences of a property crash?

Property prices have doubled every decade ever since property records began in 1088. There’s a great deal of truth in the old adage that “no investment is safer than bricks and mortar” and the fact that demand for housing is now greater than ever makes investing in property with us one of the safest moves you can make when it comes to investments. The demand for property will always exceed supply, and we buy to keep. Furthermore, you only stand to lose if you decide to sell in a down market.

  1. Who will be underwriting the guarantee?

We have robust relationships with some of the most experienced solicitors in the industry, and these are the people who approve our written guarantees. As our business is centred purely on income-generating investments, we are and will always continue to be cash-rich. All investment is placed into assets with are rented room-by-room, which greatly diminishes the risk of guarantees failing.

  1. I only deal in regulated markets. Why should I risk becoming involved in property?

As we have already mentioned, property is the safest asset there is. Nothing ever outperforms property even though it has never been regulated.

  1. What will the outcome be should you go bust?

As our team features a highly-qualified and experienced risk expert, the chances of us going bust are miniscule. Our team have 700 properties in their portfolio, which means you can rest assured that working with us is an incredibly safe choice.

  1. What kind of paperwork will I need to deal with?

As an investor, you will receive various documents, including a signed Bond Agreement, a Proof of Purchase Certificate, weekly and monthly updates and monthly statements. We may also be able to provide you with signed agreements with the landlords and businesses that utilise our management services.

  1. Surely there’s a catch? Why won’t the banks provide you with a loan

If we were only to work with a bank, we would be required to sell a high percentage of our properties off-plan prior to development commencing. However, our business model is focussed on building, refurbishing and retaining properties. Our alternative approach generates a greater number of incomes streams as well as superior capital growth, giving us more flexibility than traditional bank finance.