Phone: 0800 977 4214

Phone: 0800 977 4214

16.02% Fixed 2 Year Bond

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With the fixed 2-year bond, you can gain 8.01% interest per annum. There’s a minimum investment of just £10,000, and we can calculate interest immediately once funds have cleared and the agreement and anti-money laundering documentation have been signed. Any funds that have arisen from your investment will need to be paid back into the account they originated from, and all investment funds are secured fully against existing properties that Traditional Property Group own and operate. Our investments can produce a significant cash flow to pay your interest.

All funds that you invest are placed into properties which are rented to out to reliable working professionals. They are never invested into property developments or new builds. This ensures you can enjoy complete capital protection, with your funds being invested directly into high-quality rental properties that produce monthly cash flow.

The 2-year bond is ideal for:

  • Novices and experienced investors
  • Investors seeking out better returns than those offered by High Street banks
  • Armchair investors
  • Those wishing to see how we operate before investing further
  • Investors looking for fixed guarantee returns

Why we created the 2-year bond

The 2-year bond was created to cater for a wide range of investors, including experienced and inexperienced investors. You are welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about our 2-year bond, so don’t hesitate to contact Traditional Property Group today to find out more about how this option could work for you.

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Investment can be a complex and stressful decision so please feel free to contact one of our friendly team today for immediate advice and assistance.