Phone: 0800 977 4214

Phone: 0800 977 4214

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We are mentored by two of the UK'S most successful property entrepreneurs Rob Moore & Mark Homer of Progressive Property


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Serviced Accomodation

Welcome to Traditional Property Group

At Traditional Property Group, we are able to utilise our vast local and national property knowledge to deliver valuable returns for an ever-growing network of investors, whilst generating revenue for ourselves to help us remain at the forefront of the market. Our exceptional planning, implementation and management skills enable us to offer some of the most exciting investment opportunities on the market.

We specifically target rentable properties of the highest quality that deliver long-term, sustainable income streams and high asset values. Our investment portfolio is largely characterised by Houses of Multiple Occupation or HMOs as well as serviced accommodation. The reasoning behind focusing on such properties is that they have consistently provided strong, long-term cash flow growth. This enables us to diversify into our own developments and reduce risk substantially.

We are a versatile privately-owned business able to respond efficiently and promptly to various market conditions and changes, using our first-class, rapid decision-making abilities to further cement our status as one of the most profitable, unparalleled and reliable players in our field.

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